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  Behind every successful revolution there must be a STRATEGY, an ACTION PLAN & a good dose of LUCK. No two revolutions are exactly the same. Therefore, it is imperative for the revolutionaries we are to contextualize according to our realities. It would be more difficult for Southern Cameroonians seeking to obtain self-determination from la Republique du Cameroun compared to the case of South Sudan wanting independence from their Arabic counterparts in Khartoum, or Namibians wanting independence from an Apartheid white South Africa. Within the context of black on black colonialism pitting la Republique du Cameroun against Southern Cameroons, or Somaliland wanting independence from Greater Somalia, the persuasive art is far more difficult because the rest of the world perceives us as the same people: Cameroonians and  SomalisTherefore, for us to complete our decolonization process and attain self-determination, we have to work harder, be more innovative and most of all understand the mechanics of the systems within which we operate. This is where revolutionary science comes into play.

The innocent bystander might ask: “Why do you seek to separate from your own African brothers and in the process further divide and weaken the continent we are seeking to unite?” This is an important question we need to ask ourselves and find answers to. While the answer is truly clear, I do not think that we as a people have been very articulate in the way we answer this question. Our quest for complete decolonization and self-determination needs to be approached with the Pan-Africanist perspective in mind.

In this Section...


We understand the concerns of the many who argued against the formation of SCCOP in 2018. However, we also understood that the leadership of the revolution had fallen in the hands of people who neither understood the mechanics, the context nor the strategy that had been laid out for the attainment of our goals. Even worse was their propensity to dismantle all the structures which had been laid down as well as their complete refusal to consult on prior work. Someone without any insight of the Revolutionary Plan we had laid out in 2017 would equally not understand why we became alarmed and found it urgent and necessary to roll out the contingency plan to save the revolution. We had the choice of either letting the Revolution to crumble and then start afresh when the “Time was Right” as argued by many, or to ACT NOW  and preserve as much of the revolutionary capital as we could, and in the process take a few slings and arrows for doing the right thing. One thing was certain to us then:


I have given a series of talks on the dual strategic approach – namely the SCIENCE and the ART of any Revolution. What does the art entail? The art is often the visible, the flashy and the branded side of any revolution. It is the ability of Spokesmanship, on Advocacy and of Posturing. These are all important, but there is more to the arts. It is also about timing, it is about place, it is about pitch, the tools we use to blend reality with perception. The early days of social media activism represented the epitome of the ARTS to conduct a revolution. But there is a time for everything:  A time for social media activism and a time to engage with more serious media stakeholders. The problem is that we got frozen in social media noisemaking until La Republique finally caught up with us. We are now at the stage where paid mercenaries have invaded social media and are using it to beat us at our own game. This happened because we did not understand that in order succeed, the Arts must always be accompanied by Science. While science was intrinsic in the work we put in during the first months of the revolution, the formation of the IG marked the rejection of the SCIENCE and the projection of the ARTS.

Any revolution will die if its leaders do not understand that Mechanics is what sustains a revolution. We can draw lessons from the Vietnamese and the Cuban resistances:  the Vietnamese depended more on the science than the arts, and the Cubans successfully blended the science and the arts. This model was later copied by some Resistance Movements on the African Continent like the ANC, SWAPO, MPLA, ZANU. After the 4th Conclave, our leadership abandoned the science and prioritized the arts. This was accompanied by the massive penetration and infiltration of the revolutionary leadership. Of course, the art is facile, is flashy and is visible, and the masses are easily attracted to all that is flashy. However, the science is often dull, unattractive, and hardly visible to the masses, yet it is the silent engine that drives any revolution. Unfortunately, most of our people have never been exposed to revolutionary education, and therefore they were easily carried away by the flashy arts. Social media comedians capitalized on their newfound niche of gullible followership which took us all on a journey to nowhere.

The complete disregard for the SCIENCE which underscored our revolution convinced us that we needed to develop a backup plan as soon as possible. The realization that the revolution had been infiltrated at the highest levels, was off the rails and on the path to perdition provoked us into action. Despite the arguments and hostility by many against the creation of SCCOP, we knew that creating SCCOP now was a Revolutionary emergency.

When we crafted the movement that is known today as SCCOP, we paid keen attention to the mechanical features which had been neglected with the formation of the IG. Drawing from the lessons of the past years, we have been able to insulate SCCOP and minimize the kind of infiltration we experienced in the past. We acknowledge that there are still many improvements to be done. We are aware that there may be a few buccaneers and gamblers within our present structures because we are not perfect. We desperately need to attract more engineers and mechanics for our revolution to succeed. We know that many with such attributes have quietly withdrawn to the background and are observing the current Social Media entertainment from a distance. As SCCOP, we must actively fetch them and bring them back to the fold.  It is only when we finally succeed to bring back these skillful engineers again into the Revolution that we can say with confidence that the baseline requirements for a Revolutionary Ship that can sail Stormy Waters are well implanted within the DNA of SCCOP-the New Ship that we are building to take us to our destination.

SCCOP is meant to be the movement that should outlast all of us. SCCOP shall still be here for our children even when we are gone. We must therefore work with the vision of a ship that must not necessarily dock with all of us on board. But rather one that we can be proud arrived because we built it well, whether we make it to the final destination or not. It is for that reason that we are proud to say that SCCOP is HOPE!

Millan Atam

Chairman – Southern Cameroons Congress of the People (SCCOP)


In January 2017, when we decided to organize the Closed-Door Round Table Meeting of Leaders of Frontline Movements, our primary goal was to ensure that the uprising which had been ignited by the Consortium on Ground Zero did not die, especially after the arrest of the Leaders of the Consortium. By the Second Conclave, we had gotten all the Frontline Movements to sign the Conclave Resolutions which led to the formation of SCACUF. This milestone was accompanied by the advent of the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC) which transformed the little-known uprising into a full-blown global revolution.

Thereafter we worked to galvanize our people and create social cohesion among 8 million citizens who did not necessarily buy into the struggle at the beginning. By October 1, we had accomplished that goal with the successful organization of the September 22 Global March. Having achieved this Internal Social Cohesion among our people, our next challenge was to take our cause to the international community. This coincided with the declaration of war by the Biya Regime in November 2017 and the unleashing of military violence against our people. The Governing Council had already foreseen this and put in place the Department of Defense with the mandate to unite all our militant forces and develop a common but robust strategy.

2018 was therefore set at the year of the Internationalization of our Revolution through diplomacy, communications, and grassroots mobilization. It was clear by then that the popular revolution had supplanted the frontline movements and was firmly in the hands of the people. The Nera 12 Abduction unfortunately derailed the plans for 2018. This saw the disbandment of the DoD, creation of strife, discord and sabotage as the modus operandi of the revolution. By the end of 2018, there was widespread disillusion and despair which saw the withdrawal of some of the best minds from the revolution. The goal of internationalization could not be achieved while militant groups had managed to render the territory ungovernable. It was only in 2019 that the internationalization agenda was realized but it was also at a time that we were severely weakened by infighting, confusion and social media takeover. Behind the formation of SCCOP was the foresight and anticipation of these problems, coupled with the need for a robust backup plan in order not to lose the revolutionary momentum completely.

We realized that most likely the true chances of our success in obtaining decolonization and statehood for Southern Cameroons depend mightily on SCCOP’s ability to demonstrate the leadership that is sorely lacking in our revolution. But we also realized that in order to curtail the mistakes of the past and the massive infiltration, SCCOP  can only succeed by being a members-only movement. While we invite Southern Cameroonians and friends of Southern Cameroons to join our movement, we are also clear that membership is restricted.


To obtain a completely decolonized Southern Cameroons and the Restoration of its Statehood as a proud nation among nations.


To champion the completion of the decolonization process and lead the Restoration of the Statehood of Southern Cameroons

  • To advocate for and on behalf of the peoples of Southern Cameroons and their rights as guaranteed by the African Charter and other international human rights instruments including the United Nations Convention,
  • To seek on behalf of the peoples of Southern Cameroons the right to live in peace and have access to, and manage their own affairs including their resources,
  • To establish a movement built on the firm foundation of country, freedom, loyalty and discipline as the hallmarks of all revolutionary movements,
  • To seek assistance from other nations and organizations in the quest to foster our founding ideals as a nation,
  • To mobilize resources for and on behalf of Southern Cameroonians all over the world,
  • To participate in, support and promote all struggles for the attainment of the complete independence and solidarity of nations,
  • To participate in the global struggle for the complete eradication of imperialism, colonialism, racism and all other forms of discrimination,
  • To resolutely oppose tribalism, regionalism, religious and cultural intolerance, To oppose patriarchy, sexism and all discriminatory practices, particularly discrimination based on gender,

  Seven Cardinal Pillars of SCCOP- Our Manifesto.

As a grassroots movement, SCCOP’s mission is to mobilize the people of the former British Southern Cameroons, in support of the vision towards the restoration of our statehood and built around the following Seven Cardinal Pillars:

  1. Restoration of the Statehood of the Southern Cameroons as a territory with a right to existence under international law as per the independence granted to this former British Trusteeship territory on the 01st of October 1961.  This shall be through a radical decolonization of the Southern Cameroons from the colonial domination of La Republique Du Cameroun and France.
  2. The construction of an egalitarian & meritocratic society. Through the promotion of a culture of good governance, free of corruption and based on meritocracy. Constructed around the fundamental pillars of respect for the rule of law, accountable governance and equality before the law. The development of strong institutions that are respected and become the fundamental pillars of a vibrant democracy that is a prerequisite for effective growth and development.
  3. Internationalization of Southern Cameroons and its cause: Southern Cameroonians in the very first year of the revolution were successful in building mass mobilization and mass education on the merits of our cause among our people. Having achieved that goal, the next step is to take our struggle to the international community. Advocacy and diplomacy will form the backbone of this pillar.
  4. The Promotion and development of a Southern Cameroons identity: Through the Africanisation and indigenization of the cultural heritage of the people of the Southern Cameroons. Recognizing that the colonial project of La Republique du Cameroun had as one of its principal weapons the total obliteration of Southern Cameroonian socio-cultural values through a well-designed and crafted assimilation agenda, with the objective of total subjugation, SCCOP will work towards the reestablishment and promotion of values preceding 1961. This will include the preservation of the heritage, culture, and identity of the people of the British Southern Cameroons as a people under international law with a heritage to bequeath to their posterity.
  5. Establishment of a technologically focused developmental state. Through the pursuit of an economic blue print that seeks to position Southern Cameroons as the Economic Hub of the Sub-Region. In line with the Southern Cameroons Economic Blueprint, SCCOP will work towards positioning Southern Cameroons as the potential economic hub for the sub-region. This will include the pursuit of a nationalist agenda in the ownership and management of the natural resources of the Southern Cameroons with the formation of strategic partnership and global alliances that emphasize development of local capacity and progression along global production value chain.
  6. Pan-African Agenda focused on total decolonization, Africa’s emergence and the African renaissance: SCCOP recognizes that as part of its long-term vision, Southern Cameroons cannot be an island of prosperity in a sea of poverty and misery. It will therefore work in line with the Agenda 2063 of the African Union and its affiliates. This does not exclude the right to a better world by all the citizens of the world.
  7. The pursuit of justice and a human rights based culture. Through the establishment of the Sam Soya Centre for Human Rights.  With over 50,000 displaced Southern Cameroonians and a further 1 million in foreign lands seeking protection and livelihood, SCCOP shall establish a humanitarian support system through the Sam Soya Centre for Human Rights (SSCHR) which will have offices worldwide. The goal of the SSCHR will be to support Southern Cameroonians with protection needs, immigration concerns and other challenges in foreign lands. Continuous support will be offered to people in need on the home front.

Guided by these seven cardinal pillars, the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) shall be a political platform that seeks to embrace this vision of the creation of the Southern Cameroons we want.


    1. Loyalty, Work and Sacrifice:

aLoyalty to Revolution and Movement: The Sixth Pillar of SCCOP’s Manifesto hinges on Political Education, Loyalty and Discipline. Henceforth the only other loyalty that shall supersede loyalty to SCCOP as a movement will be loyalty to the Homeland. Membership of SCCOP cannot be ambiguous

b. No Pedestrian Membership: Membership of SCCOP cannot be passive. Every member will be actively involved in one role or another. No true revolutionary can afford to be pedestrian.

c.  Sacrifice Time and Funds: Every member of SCCOP will be required to make sacrifices both in terms of time and funds. While everyone is busy, everyone is expected to make time to work for the revolution and money to contribute to project. The Secretary-General shall determine the monthly contribution of every member of SCCOP.

2.     Discipline:

All decisions of the movement shall be by consensus. Once consensus is reached, every member is expected to abide to the position adopted. No revolution ever thrived without discipline and there shall be no exceptions to the rule.

3.     Clock-Work Consistency:

Every hand of the clock must function consistently for the clock to be on time. If one hand malfunctions, the whole clock will malfunction. Remember at all times that if you fail, everyone fails. There shall be no absence without leave (AWOL). 

4.     Recruitment of Members:

Recruitment of members into SCCOP shall be extra-selective. Each member is expected to carry out one recruitment per month, subject to acceptance by the movement.

5.     Admission into SCCOP:

Admission into the movement shall be only on recommendation. Once accepted, a Code number shall be allocated as lifetime ID for the new member. Recommendation into SCCOP does not guarantee acceptance by the movement.

6.     Submission to Deployment:

Members will choose what role they prefer to play and where they excel. However, the movement in its wisdom can deploy a member to any role deemed appropriate in like a true soldier the member must adhere..

This will involve a complete reengineering of SCCOP membership which shall be based on three key Tenets: LOYALTY, SACRIFICE & DISCIPLINE.

Regional Offices:

Africa: PO Box 32523, 92 de Korte Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa. Tel: +27 11 046 2864

Europe: Silzer Weg 23a, 12209 Berlin, Germany. Tel: +49 173 591 4436 USA:15003 Jorrick Court Bowie, MD 20721 USA. Tel: +1 302 442 3506