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"In order for us to complete our decolonization process from la Republique du Cameroun and attain total self-determination, We have to work harder: We have to be more innovative: We must seek to understand the mechanics of the systems within which We operate. This is where revolutionary science comes into play."

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  • 4 Jul 2020 22:27 | Tambe Ferdinand (Administrator)

    By Abang Kimbong in Buea

    Quite often some Ambazonians fight the wrong battles leaving out what they should be doing to set themselves free and independent like all independent nations did in order to be free. It is worthy to note that we don't wish for Independence and get it. Freedom and independence are inalienable rights which we are born with although we are bound in chains which we daily fight to disentangle. Freedom is not given. It is taken by force by those whose inalienable rights have been seized. Therefore, no one will come from somewhere else and advise Ambazonia that LRC needs excessive and targeted force in order to kick them out. Nobody will come and tell you that Ambazonia needs to amass resources in order to sustain that force. Nobody will come and tell Ambazonians to rebel against endemic corruption, abuses, naivety, inertia and injustices noticeable in some of the key leaders and factions fighting for their rights. Please, click here to continue reading Article Is diplomatic language misunderstood.pdf

  • 26 Jun 2020 09:13 | Tambe Ferdinand (Administrator)

    Julius Suh Ambe (JSA) is a Texas based self-defence pundit from the Southern Cameroons. He recently presented a critically acclaimed appraisal of the Southern Cameroons self-defence situation during a Southern Cameroons leadership Webinar. SCCOP Communications had a chat with him to share insights with our audience. In this no holds barred interview, Julius Suh Ambe evaluates the path we have taken, analyses our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths, and ends by providing a call to action for each stakeholder group in the Southern Cameroons. Click here to read more.

  • 23 Jun 2020 02:22 | Tambe Ferdinand (Administrator)

    A Tribute to Pa Mola Njoh Litumbe, Patriarch of Ambazonia Liberation Movement

    By Ntangti Akose John,  Buea

    Legends like Pa Mola Njoh Litumbe never die. They live on. Their bodies "disappear" but their spirits remain an eternal memory. They're born twice. They're born to life and they're born to death. They live in life and live on eternally. Their names hardly disappear. Read more ...                                                                                                   

    Mola Njoh Burial_Final1.pdf

  • 22 Jun 2020 15:03 | Anonymous

    In this  publication  we present to you "Part One" in a series of a detailed research to inform our people and the international community about the vast resources, both human and natural found within the territory of Southern Cameroons. This discourse presents the true story of Southern Cameroons that was hidden by the British as an excuse not to give us the complete autonomy that we asked for. The arguments in this paper are intended to assure our international friends not to fear the emergence of an independent Southern Cameroons. The new Independent Southern Cameroons shall negociate mutually beneficial agreements to safegaurd your vested interests within the region, and even go further beyond what you are getting today from the irresponsible government of LRC. We refuse to be judged from the perspective of an outisder. ...Read more

  • 1 Jun 2020 11:23 | Anonymous

    On the afternoon May 26, one of the last of the Pre-World War II Veteran Statesmen of Southern Cameroon's Quest for Statehood passed onto glory at the Muna's Clinic in Douala. He was aged 94... Read more

  • 23 Apr 2020 13:01 | Anonymous

    When Paul Biya, the president of La Republique du Cameroun for 37 years openly testified to Moh Ali that the assimilation of Southern Cameroons had been the intention of La Republique du Cameroun for 57 years, it came as no surprise to those who follow history. Firstly, President Biya had pronounced himself the best student of French policy. Read more

  • 23 Apr 2020 11:19 | Anonymous

    As at April 20th, the Corona Virus 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic is estimated to have infected over 2.3m people resulting in over 160,000 deaths. The virus, also called Sars-Cov-2 causes COVID-19, severe respiratory illness that presents first as a mild cough, then high fever and finally breathing difficulties for those whose immune systems are unable to fight it off. Without intensive care, death usually follows within 4 days of the onset of respiratory difficulties. Read more

  • 15 Apr 2020 16:02 | Anonymous

    COVID-19 - The Final Nail on the SONARA Coffin? The flagship of the Franco-Camerounese colonial project in the Southern Cameroons is a dying cash cow. In fact, since 2013, the National oil refinery, popularly known . Read More 

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