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“Re-Unification”, The Beginning of the Illusion

10 Sep 2020 08:10 | Tambe Ferdinand (Administrator)

By Denis Atemnkeng

Historical mistakes  are  costly!  Very  often,  they  can  be  undone  only through bloodshed and war! History captures excellently the saying that “small causes, big effects.” The history of the world is littered with those mistakes that have brought wars and devastation and cost lives, and which yet, could be predicted by just a casual glance at history. The one single mistake that persists in history is that of bringing incompatible peoples together through demagogy, beautiful and flowery speeches and sometimes open lies, only for wars of separation or domination and subjugation to begin after that. But as history has also shown, very few people have the ability to learn from history; the majority is subject to repeated deceits. We can see this by observing the number of unions of peoples that have broken down in history; by seeing the imperial and colonial mentality that has always been defeated but has never given up trying to conquer other peoples.

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