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Biya’s “mayor of Kumbo” makes vain efforts to blow as Biya continues to bite

11 Aug 2020 13:26 | Tambe Ferdinand (Administrator)

By Sahka Ntumwong, reporting from Ground Zero

Biya’s appointee mayor of Kumbo, Bui, in the person of Dr Mborong Venasius, has recently undertaken a still-born initiative to cajole the Bui population into French Cameroun colonial servitude. Mborong, a native of Bui, an empty vessel who cannot qualify in any true mayoral race, owes his mayoral title to being appointed CPDM candidate in the recently stage managed municipal elections conducted by the colonial LRC administration in the Southern Cameroons. In total oblivion of this fact, Mborong keeps behaving like a dancing monkey for pecuniary gains, and hopes to win over some Bui citizens to help him convince Biya to part with more money which he can embezzle and claim to have used to buy over Bui people. At the same time, the LRC genocide machinery keeps murdering innocent civilians.

With sweet words, Mborong preached to the people pretending to give them hope without condemning his master and his forces for killing the people he calls his own. “I know that you standing here are in need of peace, this is why you are giving me a listening ear. I am here to tell our brothers to stop this fighting, talk to them, they are being killed like goats or chicken. Is this the way we like to live? For how long will this go on? Let us leave this fighting, those who started it have left it” said the treacherous Mborong Venasius as he met Southern Cameroonians in Mbveh during what he styled a meet the people tour.

If you do not find it strange that someone with the title of Doctor, like Mborong, was busily looking for his political seat as his people were killed, tortured and their houses burnt, then at least you will marvel at how he can afford to ignore this and instead of calling for an end to these exactions, he is calling on those who stood up against such evil to remain silent now.

One would have thought that Mborong’s PhD qualifications would have equipped him with analytical skills to study the situation in Bui and advise his colonial employers to quit the Southern Cameroons, given the unflinching resolve shown by Bui to liberate the country since the 1990s. Instead, he leads them to attack the population like was the case last August 7 when they attacked the Kikaikom and Mbveh neighbourhoods.  It begs the question to know who issued him the title of doctor. One wonders if Mborong is one of these occultist doctors who, being hypnotized by Rosicrucian rituals, maintain silence in the face of the evil unleashed on their fellow Bui denizens, and Southern Cameroonians in general, by Grand Master Biya.

It should be noted that the Bui County is one of those counties that have been resolute in the liberation of the Southern Cameroonian people to seek self-rule and destroy the colonial mandate of La Republique du Cameroun. It is home to some of the strongest resistance fighters in the Southern Cameroons. For this reason, it has been an epicenter of LRC genocidal acts.

In one of his public outings, the colonial Mayor of Bui,  Mborong, told the few who did themselves violence to suffer hearing his voice that he pleaded with the  La Republique minister of public works to allow the roads to be dug by people instead of bulldozers? He claimed this was to provide jobs to the people. The interesting thing here is that he failed to win any converts to join him in his self-seeking enslavement to LRC. It is perhaps out of frustration that he and his masters resorted to use heavy caterpillar  machinery accompanied by heavy military escort to attack Kikaikom and Mbveh.

It is needless to add that their mission failed as they were repelled by the few Southern Cameroonian defence forces in the areas. It is hoped that this failure, if it does not convince the LRC mules called soldiers that only doom awaits them in Bui and the Southern Cameroons, should at least convince mayor  Mborong that he is only being used by the Gods of Bui as a Trojan horse to mislead the enemies of the Southern Cameroonian people.

This article originally appeared in THINK LIKE A SCCOPPER Edition 5. Click here to read the full publication. Think Like a Scopper Edition 5.pdf


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