Socio-Political Platform for Advocacy, Political Education and Mobilisation

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The Southern Cameroons Congress of the People (SCCOP) has been founded as a nationalist revolutionary movement to advance the cause for the restoration of the statehood, the dignity and the territorial integrity of the Southern Cameroons. SCCOP is therefore a broad-based political movement that, unlike its predecessor, is not built around Frontline Movements but around grassroots mobilisation and country structures
Considering that the Interim Government belongs to all Southern Cameroonians and therefore the property of all, there is a need for a global political platform that embraces and accommodates all who do not belong to existing political movements. SCCOP therefore is an independent revolutionary movement that stands in support of the Interim Government, but which is a members-only movement.

Be a part of the movement and together we’ll make a difference for all.

We will champion the people’s right to self-determination and self-governance under international law. It will complement the Interim Government, identify and cover gaps and mobilise support through diplomacy, political education for advocacy, militancy and nation-building.
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As a grassroots movement, SCCOP’s mission is to mobilise the people of the former British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia), in support of the vision towards the restoration of our statehood and built around the following Seven Cardinal Pillars:
  • Restoration of the statehood of the Southern Cameroons
  • The construction of an egalitarian and meritocratic society
  • Internationalization of Southern Cameroons and its cause
  • The Promotion and development of a Southern Cameroons identity
  • Establishment of a technologically focused developmental state
  • Pan-African agenda focused on total decolonization, Africa’s emergence and the African renaissance
  • The pursuit of justice and a human rights based culture